Unova Mansion is a mystery series written by Dark Amphithere.  The story focuses on a group of Pokemon who have been invited to a mansion in the middle of (basically) nowhere.  As they arrived, they find out that more and more others have also been invited, leading to confusion, and demands answers from the mysterious 'hosts' who have yet to arrive.  As day turned to night, a Pokemon decides to retire for the night, only to get killed.  As an escape plan is hatched among themselves, they find their only hope of escaping literally killed off.  But they come to a horrifying truth: The killer is one of them.  As the days go by, they find themselves killed, from exploding doorknobs to suicidal.  But the question remains: How much longer can they survive?


Guests Status Placing
Gigalith 1st Died
in Boom!
21st Place
Mandibuzz 2nd Died
in Twang!
20th Place
Conkeldurr 3rd Died
in Prick
19th Place
Stoutland 4th Died
in Bang!
18th Place
Emboar 5th Died
in Slam!
17th Place
Zoroark 6th Died
in Splash! Scream!
16th Place
Simipour 7th Died
in Splash! Scream!
15th Place
Scolipede 8th Died
in Hack!
14th Place
Excadrill 9th Died
in Crush! Cough!
13th Place
Reuniclus 10th Died
in Crush! Cough!
12th Place
Gothitelle 11th Died
in Breath
11th Place
Beheeyem 12th Died
in Gasp
10th Place
Chandelure 13th Died
in Hiss
9th Place
Haxorus 14th Died
in Slit
8th Place
Bisharp 15th Died
in Crash!
7th Place
Jellicent 16th Died
in Crash!
6th Place
Audino Killer 17th Died
in Thump!
5th Place
Cofagrigus Survive
in Thump!
Krookodile Survive
in Thump!
Mienshao Survive
in Thump!
Scrafty Survive
in Thump!