Total Pokemon Island

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Total Pokémon Island was the first season of Total Pokémon Series. Total Pokémon Island premiered on FanFiction.Net, Dark Amphithere's profile on May 8th, 2010 and it ended on September 22th, 2010. It is rated T on FanFiction.Net.


This season involved thirty-four, sixteen to eighteen-year-old contestants who signed up for a reality show, on an island, known as "Total Pokémon Island". The thirty-four teens chosen were divided into two separate teams; the Killer Kyogres and the Great Groudons. The teams were given challenges every episodes. The losing team would vote one of their members off and the losing contestant would have to walk the dock and board the Wailord of Losers, which would take them away. At some point in the competition, the teams would dissolve. The same elimination process would happen, except after every challenges, only one or two Pokemon had invincibility and after every challenges, everybody had to vote somebody out instead of just one team. This process continued until only two Pokemon were left to compete in a final challenge where the last contestant standing win $1,000,000 and the life supply of all kind of poffins.

Contestants EliminatedEdit

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Participant Team Status Placing
Electrode Great Groudons

1st Voted Out
in The Great Jump!

34th Place Non-Merged
Diglett Great Groudons

2nd Voted Out
in Water Race and New Alliances

33rd Place
Gabite Great Groudons

Returns in Returns and Revenge!
3rd Voted Out in King of the Hill!

Primeape Great Groudons

4th Voted Out
in Eat, Eat, Eat!

32nd Place
Gliscor Killer Kyogres

5th Voted Out
in Trouble in the Talent Show!

31st Place
Bronzong Great Groudons

Returns in Returns and Revenge!
6th Voted Out in Of Balls and Boys

Lopunny Great Groudons

7th Voted Out
in Crazy Race! Weavile's Victory

30th Place
Pidgeotto Killer Kyogres

8th Voted Out
in Traumatizing Terrors!

29th Place
Shinx (evolved into Luxio) Killer Kyogres

9th Voted Out
in Chuckles and Cackles

28th Place
Hitmonlee Great Groudons

10th Voted Out
in Embarrassing Idol!

27th Place
Ninetales Great Groudons

11th Voted Out
in Dancing with the Campers!

26th Place
Venonat Killer Kyogres

12th Voted Out
in Tag! You're in Trouble!

25th Place
Lapras Killer Kyogres

13th Voted Out
in Hiding and Sneaking!

24th Place
Wooper Great Groudons

14th Voted Out
in Shootout! Rhydon vs Wooper!

23rd Place
Rhydon Great Groudons

15th Voted Out
in Up All Night AND All Day!

22nd Place
Zubat (evolved into Golbat) Killer Kyogres

16th Eliminated
in Obstacle Crush!

21st Place
Mismagius Killer Kyogres

17th Voted Out
in Amazingly Unexpected!

20th Place
Gabite Great Groudons

18th Voted Out
in Returns and Revenge!

19th Place Merged
Dragonite Killer Kyogres

19th Eliminated
in Trekking for Treasure!

18th Place
Bronzong Great Groudons

20th Voted Out
in Baseball Kings and Queens!

17th Place
Kabutops Killer Kyogres

21st Voted Out
in Baseball Kings and Queens!

16th Place
Kadabra Great Groudons

22nd Voted Out
in Nightmare on Pokemon Island!

15th Place
Lileep Killer Kyogres

23rd Eliminated
in Trivia with a Twist!

14th Place
Mawile Great Groudons

24th Eliminated
in Trivia with a Twist!

13th Place
Gengar Killer Kyogres

25th Voted Out
in A Day at the Races!

12th Place
Scizor Great Groudons

26th Voted Out
in It's Torture Time!

11th Place
Gardevoir Killer Kyogres

27th Voted Out
in Losers' Land!

10th Place
Charmeleon Great Groudons

28th Voted Out
in Journey! Charmeleon's Choice

9th Place
Bellsprout Killer Kyogres

29th Voted Out
in Clue Calamity! A Dark Plot?

8th Place
Weavile Great Groudons

30th Voted Out
in Are you Board of this Game?

7th Place
Banette Killer Kyogres

31st Eliminated
in Boot Camp! Who gets booted?

6th Place
Houndoom Killer Kyogres

32nd Voted Out
in Final Five Frenzy!

5th Place
Cacturne Killer Kyogres

33rd Voted Out
in Capture! Cacturne's Plan!

4th Place
Clefairy Great Groudons

34th Eliminated
in Dark Dares! The Final Two?

3rd Place
Swinub (evolved into Piloswine) Great Groudons

in Finale! Oddish vs Piloswine

Oddish (evolved into Gloom) Killer Kyogres

in Finale! Oddish vs Piloswine


This is the process in Total Pokemon Island in which a camper is eliminated; initially, the team that lost the challenge, would vote for a camper and the one with the most votes against them, would be voted off the island. Since the teams eventually merged. all the campers began to vote for each other and only the challenge winner received immunity. In certain challenges, a camper or two would be automatically eliminated if they lost a challenge after the merge.


Thirty-four teenagers, plus Mew, the host, and Mewtwo, the co-host and the camp's cook. The thirty-four teenagers are competing, while the host and cook aren't competing.


There are thirty-four episodes in Total Pokemon Island.