Episodes Eliminated

TPI: "Up All Night and All Day!"



TPI: 22nd

TPWT: Did Not Compete


Primeape (Separated)


Rhyperior (Grandmother)


Charmeleon, Primeape, Weavile?


Weavile?, Wooper, Piloswine, Bellsprout, Most Campers


His Grandmother




The Bully, Thug, Rocky

Rhydon, labeled The Angry Bully, was a camper on Total Pokemon Island, as a member of the Great Groudons. He did not compete on Total Pokemon World Tour.

It's hinted that he and Primeape are together, even to the point that Wooper thinks they're having a secret affair, despite the fact to have an affair you'd have to be married. However, due to the reveal of Primeape's sexuality, it has been revealed that they broke up a long time ago.

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Personality Edit

Angry, nasty, and brutal, Rhydon prefers to think with his fists first and let his brain do the backup work. Rhydon enjoys throwing his heavy weight around, and gets things done through intimidation and strength. Rhydon's friends watch him closely, but it's his enemies that have to worry about him.

Rhydon, despite his nasty nature, is still a team player, working well with his team for the most part- heck, his elimination was caused by an overreaction to when his own teammate accidentally attacked him. Rhydon may not believe in being nice, but he doesn't believe in being difficult- he'll try and at least drag a teammate along before he gives up and leaves them in the dust.

As of Total Pokemon World Tour and Total Pokemon Redux, he's matured somewhat, though he still has a gruff nature and doesn't take shit lightly. He is said to be a bit more understanding than most give him credit for- it's implied that Rhydon acts a bit meaner than he is, though the reasoning for this is currently unknown.

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Trivia Edit

  • If Rhydon was human, he'd be big, tall, and mean looking. He'd have bruises and torn clothes, and probably looks like he's from a nastier side of town.
  • Rhydon has served time in juvie, like Kabutops.
  • Rhydon does not like his family very much, which may have something to do with how nasty and mean he acts.
  • Rhydon, despite being a bully, takes a lot more hits then he dishes out, really only beating down Wooper and Bellsprout twice. He got shot by Wooper and beat up by Bellsprout down the road.
  • Rhydon is the only member of Team Conquer who got along with all three members (despite Charmeleon and him getting into little fights).