Episodes Eliminated

TPI: "Trivia with a Twist!"



TPI: 13th

TPWT: Did not compete


Wooper (Broken up)




Clefable, Piloswine, Lileep, Wooper (Arguably)









Mawile, labeled The Surly Girl, was a camper on Total Pokemon Island, as a member of the Great Groudons. She did not compete on Total Pokemon World Tour.

She and Wooper had a relationship before she dumped in Heartbreak in Hoenn Ocean, where she breaks up with him via a note. It should be noted that she is not well like amongst the cast of the Aftermath show due to this. When questioned about it, she revealed she didn't really like Wooper like that, but if she had waited to tell him after he had been voted off, it would just be another roundaboust to his face. She seems uncomfortable talking to others after Wooper gets over his heartbreak.



Mawile has a fairly flat, surly, and quiet personality. In contrast to Clefable, who is always trying to be in the center of the spotlight, Mawile sort of fades into the background. Deadpan and cynical, she tends to try and avoid being too girly, but at the same time, she still wants to be "one of the girls". Mawile is fairly young, and she seems to be sort of still wondering what she wants to be. Even though she's not very emotional, she's still compassionate and feels sympathy and attraction like all of the other girls.

Ever the pragmatist, Mawile usually tries to show others where things could be easier, and where plans can go wrong. Her pragmatic nature is reflected in her breakup with Wooper, where she sends him a note so she doesn't lead him on and wait until he's eliminated, which she thinks is easier for both of them.

Mawile is stubborn and cool, but she doesn't generate too much drama- Mew made the right choice not inviting her back.

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  • If Mawile was in the real world, she'd probably look like a laidback skater chick who hangs with Clefable as her "bestie".
  • Mawile made it surprisingly far in the competition despite barely having any large role in the story- all she really did was back up Clefable and act as Wooper's fickle love interest. Despite all that, she came in 13th.
  • Mawile was originally going to be a "girly girl", but DA found that Clefable far better fit the sickeningly sweet appearance better. Mawile was made a surly girl instead.
  • DA regrets not giving Mawile more of a role in the story, and is sad that she is such a flat character. If he could go back and edit the story more, he would've made Mawile "more of a surly, geeky, genius"- essentially, he would've made Mawile the brains of Team Sweet.
  • Mawile is the first camper to break up with someone OFFICIALLY.
  • Mawile didn't return to TPWT because she was "boring".