Mandibuzz, labeled The Nosy Gossiper are one of the guests, who are trapped in the Unova Mansion.


In Boom!, Mandibuzz is the 9th/10th person to arrive at the Unova Mansion, along with Audino, wondering where is Galvantula, who's apparently invited her. She is also wondering about what Krookodile did in the past, after Krookodile and Stoutland mention it. Later, she is seen talking with Audino and Simipour about medicine. She and Jellicent are in disgust at Scrafty, when he think that weeds make it all easier for him. She is impatient after everyone has waited for the host for hours. When the light went out, she scream because Cofagrigus put his hand on her shoulder in the dark and turned the light back on, which make Cofagrigus laugh, much to Mandibuzz dismay. She then comment about Scolipede being annoying, which make Scolipede growled at her.

In Twang!, after some of the boys discussed about the mine they've found on Gigalith's door, Mandibuzz asked them if they think the murder is going to happen again. After everyone slept through the night and they sit down at the table to have their breakfast and discussed about how to get off the island, she think Gigalith's death could've been an accident. She then paired up with Jellicent to looked for the murderer around the island but both of them couldn't find the murderer. She come up with an idea that she can fly out of the island with a message and get help from the mainland. Everyone agreed with her idea and planned to do it later at night.


Later at night, Haxorus has tie the message to her foot and sent her to Jellicent's room with Bisharp, Conkeldurr and Gothitelle. Mandibuzz said goodbye to the other and went to the balcony to prepared to take off. She then jump out of the balcony and begin to fly out of the island. But she didn't notice an arrow hurling toward her and strike her in the neck and she started to plummet out of the sky, tumbling towards the ground. She hit the stone path hard, and break her neck.


  • She's the only characters in the Unova Mansion, who can fly.
  • She is the first female to died in the Unova Mansion.