Episodes Eliminated

TPI: "Finale! Oddish vs. Piloswine!"

TPWT: "Time for Some Hearthome Cooking!"

TPR "Mew and Bellsprout's Double Trouble!"

"Mew's Fantastic Fair of Fun!"


TPI: 2nd

TPWT: 25th

TPR 15th






Luxray, Wooper, Diglett, Clefable, Gloom, Mawile, Most Campers


Hypno, Krookodile, Rhydon, Bronzong (Arguably)


Food turning against him


Eating, Burping the Alphabet


Porker, Tubby, Ice Cream Boy, Poffin

Swinub, labeled The Jolly Porker, was a camper on Total Pokemon Island, as a member of the Great Groudons, he evolved into Piloswine in the semi-final and became the runner-up of the season. He return on Total Pokemon World Tour as a member of the Deadly Darkrais. He also participates in Total Pokemon Redux, where he has evolved into Mamoswine in between seasons.

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As a competitor in all three seasons, one would expect Mamoswine to have experienced drastic personality changes. However, for the most part, his disposition has stayed the same.

As a Swinub, he was happy, carefree, and rather jolly in nature, showing a deep love of food and a friendly, social nature. Despite this, he could be easily baited and fooled by food, as he tended to think with his stomach. Swinub was very slow to anger and very quick to forgive, but when he was in a tight spot, he would fight to defend himself.

As a Piloswine, his personality did not change too much, although he was a bit better at controlling his urges and he was a bit more mature and smart than he let on, not being fooled by Hpno. However, food still occasionally caused his personality to break, leading to him making poor, rash decisions.

As a Mamoswine, he has changed a bit more, growing far more mature and wise as one of the veterans in the competition. Fair and kind, Mamoswine is still very popular and is easy to get along with. However, he has developed a more protective streak towards his friends and especially Luxray- rather than requesting for others to stop, he makes SURE they don't cause any trouble. Despite this, Mamoswine is a caring soul and prefers not to fight- he's just more willing now than ever.

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Trivia Edit

  • If Swinub was human, he'd be a chubby little child with long hair who'd often wear hoodies filled with snacks. He's be a bit shaggier as a Piloswine, but as a Mamoswine, he'd be big, tall, and pretty strong, though he'd still be a little husky.
  • Mamoswine and Luxray are the only couple who have had yet to have any significant drama or fights affect them.
  • Piloswine was the first runner up in the series.
  • Mamoswine has beaten every other competitor in the series except Vileplume and Honchkrow, giving him the third best score after Banette and Gardevoir. This does not include Redux.
  • Despite enjoying foods others would find disgusting, Piloswine could not handle the stench of Gloom.
  • He's one of the few contestants who had evolved between seasons. The other were Pidgeot, Clefable, Garchomp and Luxray.