Episodes Eliminated

TPI: "Embarrassing Idol"

TPWT: "Passing Time in Pallet Town", "We Can't Turnback Now!"


TPI: 27th

TPWT: 6th


Weavile (Crush)










Endurance, Surviving


Tom Cruise, Idiot, Moron

Hitmonlee, labeled Dumb Minion, in Total Pokemon Island, while labeled Failure at Life in Total Pokemon World Tour, was a camper on Total Pokemon Island, as a member of the Great Groudons. He was originally not supposed to compete as Mew stated in Episode 1: Season 2 and Singing!, but he snuck inside Weavile's box to follow her. He was never in the teams since he was the first to be eliminated. After his elimination, he became a stowaway aboard the S.S Kyogre, making various cameo appearances around the plane for the first half of the season, until he finally rejoined the game at the merge, selected as one of the two contestants to be brought back. He was automatically eliminated by Banette in "We Can't Turnback Now!"



Hitmonlee has an...interesting personality. Okay, he's weird. Really weird. Hitmonlee isn't the brightest camper, but he is one of the most determined and tries very hard...unfortunately, unlike most players, this doesn't really get him far. Hitmonlee simply lacks things that set him apart from the crowd...well, minus his kicking abilities and record setting endurance. In the hands of a master, this would be deadly, but in Hitmonlee's hands...not so much.

Hitmonlee is determined and has a strong spirit, but he is also very emotional- he develops feelings very easily, and he also gets his feelings hurt easily. Thankfully, however, Hitmonlee can live in his own blissful little world due to his...stupidity (there's no better word for it). All in all, Hitmonlee isn't the greatest competitor...he's sort of a failure at life, but even someone like him could take the prize...okay...they really can't.

Deep down, Hitmonlee has a rage that burns, but it rarely surfaces. When it does, watch out.

Total Pokemon IslandEdit

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  • If Hitmonlee was human, he'd be a "skinny martial artist, who would be really bad at his art". He'd also be  "sweaty, which would gross others out".
  • Despite his incompetence, out of Team Conquer, he is the one who has placed highest in a season, coming in 6th in TPWT. However, it should be noted he returned for this.
  • Hitmonlee has changed the rules of the show due to his terrible singing- Mew made it so the permanent singing rule was disabled.
  • Hitmonlee was voted the ugliest boy camper in TPI, something that hurt him deeply.
  • Hitmonlee wasn't always so incompetent and weak, but DA "dumbed him down" to give him more of a "goofy, goony sort of feel".
  • Hitmonlee has hidden rage at all of the abuse he suffers, but tries to cover it up with rigorous training...that he still fails at.