Great Groudon

The Great Groudons are one of the two opposing teams on Total Pokemon Island. The Great Groudons included Bronzong, Charmeleon, Clefairy, Diglett, Electrode, Gabite, Hitmonlee, Kadabra, Lopunny, Mawile, Ninetales, Piloswine, Primeape, Rhydon, Scizor, Weavile and Wooper.

This team was meant to be the antagonizing team- many strong and threatening players emerged from this team. The villains from this team include Weavile, Kadabra, Lopunny, Charmeleon (who became good later), Primeape, Hitmonlee, and Rhydon. In addition to that, Gabite was a very mean character from this team, and Clefairy eventually became very competitive and antagonistic at the end. Bronzong, upon his return, started becoming sneaky and clever, but did not become a true villain until Total Pokemon World Tour.

Because of the many alliances and conflicts on this team, the Great Groudons were not very good when it came to teamwork. The times the Groudons usually won the challenges were when they were individually focused (Kadabra winning the talent show through his own skills, the fear challenges that the campers faced on their own, e.t.c.).

While they lost more players than the Kyogres before the merge hit, many of the Great Groudons were strong after the merge came. Only the strongest of the Groudons made it to the merge, and those who had simply held through because of alliances were quickly eliminated (Mawile, for example). Despite the fact that they were the weaker team, the final three consisted of two Groudons and one Kyogre.

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Electrode Male 19th 36th The Great Jump! He refused to jump and did not push Diglett into the water, so he lost the challenge for his team.
Diglett Male 18th 35th Water Race and New Alliances He was stuck in his wheelbarrow, so his team viewed him as useless.
Gabite Female 17th 34th King of the Hill! Team Virus viewed Gabite as a potential member for Team Conquer and so convinced everyone to vote her off. Plus, she cost the challenge for her team.
Primeape Female 16th 33rd

Eat, Eat, Eat!

Returns in Returns and Revenge!

Primeape fall backward on Swinub and knock him out unconscious, since she feel nauseous from all of the food she eat and cost the challenge.
Bronzong Male 15th 31st

Of Balls and Boys

Returns in Returns and Revenge!

He didn't compete in any challenge at all, so his team viewed him as useless.
Lopunny Female 14th 30th Crazy Race! Weavile's Victory Her team was angry at her for her action with Pidgeotto and Gliscor.
Hitmonlee Male 13th 27th Embarrassing Idol! He did the worse performance at the singing challenge and he is the weakest member on his team.
Ninetales Female 12th 26th Dancing with the Campers! Team Conquer convinced the rest of the team to vote her off, since she didn't participate in today's challenge, due to her accident.
Wooper Male 11th 23rd Shootout! Rhydon vs Wooper! Rhydon injured him in the challenge and he won't be useful in the future.
Rhydon Male 10th 22nd Up All Night AND All Day! He injured Wooper in the previous challenge and to make Team Conquer weaker, since he scare everyone, whoever make the alliance, angry.
Gabite Female 9th 19th Returns and Revenge! Everyone view her as a threat and she scare most of the contestants.
Bronzong Male 8th 17th Baseball Kings and Queens! Like last time, he didn't compete in the challenge at all. Plus, he'd annoyed some of the campers.
Kadabra Male 7th 15th Nightmare on Pokemon Island!
Mawile Female 6th 13th Trivia with a Twist!
Scizor Female 5th 11th It's Torture Time!
Charmeleon Male 4th 9th Journey! Charmeleon's Choice
Weavile Female 3rd 7th Are you Board of this Game?
Clefairy Female 2nd 3rd Dark Dares! The Final Two?
Swinub (evolved into Piloswine) Male 1st Runner-up in Finale! Oddish vs Piloswine