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Episode Eliminated

TPWT: Game Cornered TPR: Mawile's Wild Hunt for Keys!


TPWT: 7th TPR: 31st (as of Gardevoir's Ghastly Gruesome Game!)


Gengar, Wooper (One Sided Crush)


Mother (Mentioned)


Gardevoir, Gengar, Mismagius, Banette, Wooper, Diglett, Most Campers


Hypno, Bisharp


Never being truly cared for.


Modeling, Singing, Chocolate Power


Lady, Beautiful, Sugar Rush

Froslass, labeled The Sheltered Rich Girl, is one of the five newcomers on Total Pokemon World Tour, and was a member of the Cool Cresselias. She reached the merge, and was automatically eliminated in Game Cornered.

After much persistance, she has enterered a relationship with Gengar that is still currently ongoing.



Froslass initially comes off as cold, quiet, and bitter. She does not speak of her past and she does not trust easily. Her attitude towards the game seems to be very uninterested (due to her reason for being there). Froslass is a model, and is also a shiny Pokemon- for this reason, she is considered very attractive, and her parents like to show her off, something that Froslass dislikes. For this reason, most of her past friends have been after her money or wanted her as a "trophy girlfriend"- as a result, Froslass rarely trusts anyone.

However, it is also implied that Froslass is very lonely, and while she does not believe in most people, she DOES want friends- however, they must be honest with her. Froslass is fairly fragile and also naive due to her sheltered life, and this can cause her to not notice things or realize things because she hasn't experienced them. Deep down, Froslass craves adventure, but is afraid to go alone.

Froslass was entered in the competition to be shown off by her mother, however, Froslass requested Mew not to bring up her shininess to the other campers. Due to the slight difference of Froslass's shiny, most of the members of the cast haven't noticed it, and the few who have kept quiet.

While Froslass is stoic and quiet, she has a very strong weakness to sugar, due to never having it growing up. When she eats anything sugary and sweet (like chocolate), Froslass becomes intensely hyper and is extremely happy and positive. This disturbs most of the other campers.

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