Episodes Eliminated

TPI: "Trekking for Treasure!"

TPWT: "Heartbreak in Hoenn Ocean!"


TPI: 18th

TPWT: 29th






Everyone who isn't in enemies






Strength, Kindness


Big Guy, Nicest Guy On The Island

Dragonite, labeled The Overly-Gentle Giant, was a camper on Total Pokemon Island as a member of the Killer Kyogres, and reached the merge. He competed again in Total Pokemon World Tour as a member of the Cool Cresslias, but was eliminated when Hypno hypnotized him, causing him to become extremely grumpy and ill tempered, which resulted in the other members of his team voting him off.

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Dragonite is nice. He is nice to all, he's friendly to all, and he tries his best to make everyone feel happy. Dragonite is a major optimist and he always tries to make everyone feel comfortable with themselves. This stems from him being a rare Pokemon and often getting treated differently because of his strength and rarity. On Total Pokemon Island, he was treated as normal- something that deeply touched him.

Dragonite can be a bit gullible and easily tricked, as he wants to believe that everyone tries their best to be good. In addition, he is very optimistic and tries to turn negatives into positives, which can make him easily used by villains. Despite this, he doesn't seem to hold any hard feelings towards anyone...except maybe Hypno.

He ISN'T impossible to get angry, however- when given Insomnia, an ability his kind is not used to having, Dragonite grew cranky and confrontational, and he eventually punched out Gliscor, although it is unknown if Hypno- who commanded Dragonite to get angry under hypnosis- merely caused him to act this way completely.

In addition, Dragonite adopts a berserker mentality when he fights, going all out and roaring like a Pokemon possessed. He gets a bit embarrassed about this, but he still likes to fight when he can. It may be that Dragonite's suppressed negative emotions are released when he fights.

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Trivia Edit

  • If Dragonite was human, he'd be very tall and muscular, and have a very gentle nature about him. He'd probably dress in comfortable, simple clothes.
  • Despite his friendly nature, Dragonite likes fighting.
  • DA wishes he did more with Dragonite and Lapras in TPI.
  • Dragonite was automatically eliminated, because in DA's words, no one would have ever voted him off otherwise.
  • Dragonite and Lapras are the first couple to be married albeit off-screen.