"I'm here for the competition and money, not friendship."



Episodes Eliminated









"None", Toxicroak, Trevenant?


Medicham, Hypno, Most Campers


Insane Asylums


Leadership, Writing, Solving Puzzles


Blades, Hardass, Dictator, Tyrant

Bisharp is a contestant in Total Pokemon Redux. He was placed on the Victorious Vileplumes team. He is also the alliance leader of Team Night, and can be considered one the antagonists of TPR.

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Bisharp, in one word, is serious. Stern, calm, and stoic, he doesn't waste time with trivial nonsense and always has the game on his mind. A chess master, Bisharp is constantly analyzing those around him to see if they can be of use to him, or if they are a threat. If they are neither, then his mind, they are simply pawns he must remove from play.

Despite his impressive brainpower, Bisharp has very little social skills. While he can remain civil and command a team with good instincts, he has zero aptitude for making friendships and often doesn't realize when his strict commands upset his teammates. Bisharp seems to have a lack of empathy and a heart, as he does not understand why other Pokemon get upset when logically, they should understand he is trying to help them win.

There are hints of Bisharp having emotional problems, and unlike most characters, he remains composed in even the most dire circumstances- the most emotional he's gotten is frustrated or annoyed. The only one who seems to bring any real anger out of him is a certain fighter who represents everything he can't understand...

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  • Tactics: Bisharp believes in playing by the books and using logic and strategy to solve his problems. He believes a smart alliance can easily control eliminations during the ceremony. Unlike other antagonists, however, Bisharp plays extremely fairly, and refuses to sabotage his own teammates, though he has no qualms about destroying the enemy team. Bisharp believes that victory and winning challenges should come first. Because of his "fair play", he is very unique among the villains.
  • If Bisharp was human, he'd be tall, handsome, and well groomed, but he'd still have a distinct coldness about him that would spook people. He'd dress in nice clothes.
  • Originally, Bisharp was going to be shiny as well as Medicham, but this idea was cut.
  • Bisharp is one of the few antagonists who is not good at singing. While Bronzong and Krookodile share this distinction, it can be noted that Bronzong can at least WRITE a song.