"O-oh...OH G-GOD!"



Episodes Eliminated

TPI: "Clue Calamity: A Dark Plot?"

TPWT: "A Week in Ecruteak!"


TPI: 8th

TPWT: 32nd






Gloom, Lileep, Dragonite


Rhydon, Clefable


Rhydon, Almost everything


Tapdancing, Hosting, Raging


Skinny, Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Sprout

Bellsprout, known as The Nervous Wreck, was a contestant on Total Pokemon Island as a member of the Killer Kyogres. He also made it to the merge in this season. He competed in Total Pokemon World Tour as a member of the Cool Cresselias. After his elimination, Bellsprout started hosting his own show, Bellsprout's Big Bonanza Bash! Unfortunately, due to constant explosions, the set and name of the show keeps changing.



When it comes to tough, strong, and mean competitors, Bellsprout is far from the top of the pack- he is neurotic, easily frightened, and scatterbrained. Bellsprout is afraid of almost everything on the show and he sometimes worries more about his own life than winning challenges. Despite this, he has a heart of gold...well, maybe silver. Regardless, he's very good to his friends.

But this scatterbrained sprout has a darker side- under his frightened outer shell is a stronger, more powerful Bellsprout. In dire situations, Bellsprout snaps into a rage that can't be controlled, where he apparently gains super strength in proportion to his anger. In this state, he has beaten down Rhydon and lifted up couches to be used as weapons.

In TPWT, Bellsprout gained his own sideshow. He's become a lot braver due to his audience, although stronger competitors still frighten him a bit. His confidence has risen, and he is often described as acting like a "mini Mew". Under this new facade is the same old Bellsprout, but he doesn't want to show it.

Total Pokemon IslandEdit

Total Pokemon World Tour:Edit


  • If Bellsprout was a human, he'd be a "sickly, nervous geek".
  • Bellsprout was put in charge of the Aftermath, because out of the four contestants eliminated first, he was the most able (also, Houndoom refused).
  • A running gag on the show involving Bellsprout is Mew always making him go first in challenges. However, many times, Bellsprout does not have to go first in challenges, although he has a few times where he goes second. Sometimes, Mew even calls Bellsprout to go first even after he's been eliminated as a joke.
  • Bellsprout's rage snapping was pent up bullying getting to him.
  • Bellsprout doesn't really want to evolve.
  • Bellsprout may be the strongest camper when he's in rage mode- he'd have to fight Primeape, Gabite, and Dragonite to find out. Though it should be noted that despite Dragonite's strength, Wooper bested him by catching him off guard.