Arcanine, labeled The Flirty Jock, is one of the five newcomers on Total Pokemon World Tour

"And girls...well, let's just say I hope we'll get acquainted."

as the member of the Deadly Darkrais, reached the merge, and was eliminated in the same episode as Houndoom.

In TPWT: Arcanine was rather flirtatious from the very start of the second season, one of the main targets of his advances being Ninetales, who he did not know was dating Houndoom. After Houndoom voted himself off, Arcanine became steadily closer with Ninetales, until, in the seventeenth challenge, he and Nintales kissed. When he and Houndoom finally clashed and revealed that Ninetales was romantically attached to both fire types, Arcanine was understandably angered. He was eliminated due to a tie in the votes between him and Houndoom, to which Mew proposed a wrestling match, with the winner remaining on the plane. However, both fell off the plane while wrestling, leaving no clear winner.

Personality: Arcanine has been shown to be a rather large flirt, but is also a good natured competitor. While he and Houndoom had a strong rivalry after the later returned, to the other campers Arcanine was kind and nice. His personality was what many would describe as likable and fun. Arcanine also was fairly successful in many physically oriented challenges, due to being a good athlete. He has been shown to make mistakes (Trying to flirt with Ninetales while running in a race and smashing into a tree as a result) but is generally good natured and does what is right, for example, saving Weaville from dying in a a challenge during which the contestants had to cross over a large area of magma, going back over the deadly liquid to save her, despite Weavile being a very disliked contestant. Despite his own shortcomings with Ninetales and his flirtatious ways, Arcanine has proven to be a true friend and a gentleman to the ladies- he brought the Cool Cresselias a bunch of food from first class to try and cheer them up, but demanded that ladies got their food first, showing that he has manners. In addition, Arcanine never pushed Ninetales in the relationship, and let her come to him, showing that he has a good heart rather than simply being "a player".